Metropolis Burden delves deep into the unforgiving verities of urban existence, unravelling a tapestry that draws inspiration from Aldous Huxley's seminal work, Brave New World, while expounding upon the pervasive existential anxieties that accompany the dreary and repetitive cycles of daily life and Labor. In the labyrinthine cityscape of London, denizens often find themselves resembling subjects within a grand experiment, confined like lab rats in a simulated reality.

Leveraging the medium of Mixed Reality, LJB provides a poignant commentary on the collective consciousness of Londoners, encapsulating their unspoken sentiments. The probing question echoes relentlessly: Are we truly alive, or are we mere automatons, driven by the pursuit of material wealth without pausing to reflect on the essence of being?

The pervasive "head down, let's get da cheddar" mindset, while seemingly pragmatic, hints at a disquieting detachment from the richness of human experience, fostering a numbing effect on the psyche. Metropolis Burden masterfully captures the dichotomy between the illusion of prosperity and the gnawing emptiness that lurks beneath the surface.

In this exploration of the urban condition, LJB uncover the subtle power dynamics at play, examining how architecture, media, and technology converge to shape and Mold individual and collective perceptions. The cityscape itself becomes a theatre where the drama of existence unfolds, and the inhabitants, unwittingly or otherwise, play their assigned roles.

The intertwining of cultural references and artistic expressions demonstrates a multi-layered narrative that resonates with the human condition, offering a mirror through which society can confront its deepest fears and contemplate the possibility of authentic liberation from the metropolis burden. The work of LJB invites the audience to ponder their own roles within the urban fabric, propelling them to question the boundaries of reality and illusion in the perpetual quest for meaning and purpose in the modern cityscape.

In the production of the "Metropolis Burden" music video, my role encompassed directing, editing, composing, backplate creation, and project management. Given my longstanding passion for music, translating visuals to what I would argue is my best musical composition to date proved to be a gratifying journey. Special thanks to the talented team involved: Oliver Hupfau for direction, Marc Jarvin for assistant direction, Campbell Orme for 3D, Oliver Ellmers for volumetric capture, Angus Fredericksen for film and drone work, Lady Jane Beach for the music, Marc Jarvin for acting, and Laurens Von Oswald for additional production. The mastering magic was handled by Klaas Black at Head Studios.